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"Perhaps you were born for such a time as this."

Image by Daniel Olah

Wild-Hearted Warriors!

Tired? Lonely?

Looking for MORE from this gift of life?

It's time to RISE & SHINE!

SHINE is Virtual Community Space & Training Playground

for the wild ones who seek to heal, grow, and

fully LIVE the days of their life--vibrantly alive body, mind and soul!

It is a revolution created by the Rebels, Dreamers, and
Warriors who are brave enough to see the world as it is
and become the light that will help transform it into all that it can be.


Shine Guide - Dr. Devin

"For over a decade,

I have had the high honor of serving in my Chiropractic practice. I have cared for thousands of women, men, & children. I have served babies only a few minutes old & I have stood at the hospice bedside as souls transitioned from Earth to Heaven.

Every person, every story has taught me so much!

I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on

education and training. I have dedicated countless hours to

self & professional development.

All roads have led me here.

As we turn the page from 2020/2021 into 2022,

I want to take every past lesson & victory

forward to create a sacred space for


A vault for all my courses, events, & tools.

A community for warriors & wild ones to come together.

A space for us to do the Shadow & Shine Work.


To tap into your PURPOSE, POWER, & POTENTIAL!



What you will get:

1. Weekly Activations - Monday Motivation Calls to Action
2. Extensive Library & Video Vault
3. Private Forums for networking and community building
4. Biweekly LIVE Q&A's

5. Monthly Special Guest Webinars
6. VIP access to THE BIG IDEA and Retreats
... and so much more

No contracts. Start or stop anytime.



Dr. Devin's Courses for Chiropractors

Image by Daniel Olah


Dr. Devin takes a small handful of 1:1 coaching clients.

If you want to go ALL-IN to build your business, create your best self, or bring a dream to reality...


is the option for YOU!


Initial Destiny-Planner Mastermind

Weekly 1:1 Calls

Monthly Deep Dives

Voxer Text Support

Access to SHINE Community Membership

and MORE!

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