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Dr. Devin is a Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, and Dreamer. She owns and operates The Light House Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Wichita, Kansas. 


Dr. Devin is a Mother of Five, Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, & Wild-Hearted Dreamer. She owns and operates The LightHouse Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Wichita, Kansas.


Inspired and driven to help her family, community & the world heal and come vibrantly alive--body, mind, & soul

She has deep, unshakeable roots in the Heart of America - and, when her soul calls, she spreads her wings to fly out into the world to experience, learn, teach, inspire and lead. She is committed to awakening humanity to new, unlimited potential in life, love, and health.


Join us in Spring 2021 for


JUNE 25th & 26th, 2021

Wichita KS

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Dr. Devin grew up watching her mother speak, teach, and facilitate workshops. From a young age, she had the gift of gab and dreamed of helping people like her mama did.

Now, she uses what she has learned and her relentless FIRE to help people UNLOCK their Power & Potential on stages all across the world!!

Most people have yet to tap into their FULL POWER & Peak Performance. Dr. Devin brings FIRE to the stage and audience with guarantee to wake up & shake up the audience to new possibilities and potential in Health, Life, & Making Dreams a Reality.


At the LightHouse, we EXPECT MIRACLES, always! - In 2021, as the world undergoes challenge and transformation, Dr. Devin & her team are leaning in to learn, adapt, & grow with the needs of their ChiroTribe. Formally known as Back to Basics, The LightHouse is port in the storm for those in search of HOPE & HEALING!
Dr. Devin & Team are ALL-IN committed to helping Wichita’s families tap into their LIGHT and RISE & SHINE into their very BEST LIFE! 



"If They Knew"



Vibrant Health. Radiant Relationships. Dream Career/Life Harmony.

Your POWER is on the inside!


May this year be the year that we WAKE UP & boldly embrace our responsibility and potential to create the life of our dreams!


Dr. Devin is setting out on a mission to SHINE bright light into is crazy world! She will share her stories, adventures & lessons. She will bring you some of her favorite mentors and teachers to share their most potent tips & tools. She will bring you powerful testimonies from mothers who are thriving in the midst of great challenge and chaos.


If you want it... it's time to create it!


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